Instructional Services

Instructional Services

Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

Eligible students will know the accommodations available to them, and know how to advocate for the tutors, adaptive technology, alternative media services and counseling services they require.

The mission (purpose) of the Educational Assistant Center (EAC) is to provide specialized counseling, exemplary instruction, support services, and access to students with disabilities. The EAC will support students with disabilities in educationally related activities consistent with the mission and vision of Oxnard College and in compliance with federal and state laws. With equal access as our hallmark, the faculty and staff of the EAC are committed to ensure equal educational opportunities and encourage retention of students with disabilities who have the potential to achieve academic, vocational and life skills goals.

The Educational Assistant Center (EAC) offers eligible students with disabilities access to a variety of specialized support services and assistive equipment in a timely manner. These services are intended to assist college students with disabilities to more successfully participate in regular college programs and activities. The EAC works to meet both federal and state accessibility requirements required by law related to students with disabilities. Disabilities include impairments in mobility, vision, hearing, and speech; and less obvious problems such as learning disabilities, psychological disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental disabilities. There are also individuals who experience other functional limitations as a result of an acquired brain impairment or other health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, seizures, cardiac disorders to mention a few.

The EAC supports student success by offering the following services: early registration, tutoring referrals, note takers, audio books, interpreters for deaf students, mobility assistance, and adaptive equipment. The department goals are to empower students with disabilities to achieve independence and integration leading to maximum participation in the college and community. EAC serves as linkage between students with disabilities and community agencies.

If you are a student with a disability, your involvement with the EAC can be thought of as a partnership between you and the EAC staff. Our staff consists of a coordinator, counselors, faculty members, disability specialists, technology and media specialists, instructional assistants, interpreters, and office staff. They are people you can work with to plan support services that will help you move toward your educational and vocational goals.

Our counselors have specific expertise in disabilities, including disability accommodations. These accommodations which are designed to give students an equal opportunity in the college setting. (e.g., extended time for tests, a quiet testing environment, audio books, tutoring or note taker).

After verifying a student’s disability, the counselor will recommend appropriate accommodations. Counselors also help students identify their academic and career goals and develop necessary coping strategies. *For more information, please contact us at: (805) 678-5830.

*For students struggling in their academic pursuits, a Learning Disability Assessment may be beneficial. The EAC provides screening for students to determine if an assessment is appropriate, and if it is, a counselor will refer you to our LD Specialist. Students are then provided an assessment, and the results will be utilized to determine if accommodations are required. Examples of some common accommodations are:

  • Extended testing time
  • Notetaking assistance
  • Audio books
  • ASL Interpreter
  • Access to utilize EAC Proctoring Room for exams

The use of accommodations is to aid the student in their academic pursuit, creating equal access to their education so they may matriculate more fully with their peers.

Library Learning Resource Center

The Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC) at Oxnard College is a beautifully crafted building that is home to Library Services, Tutorial Services, Writing & Reading Center, Open Access Computer Lab and Student Study Rooms.

The LLRC provides programs and services designed to enhance student learning, student success and faculty instruction and interaction. See:

  • All Oxnard College students may check-out reserve, circulation or digital media materials. Free community members borrower’s cards are available to Ventura County residents.
  • Computer laptops are also available for check-out to students, faculty and staff.
  • LLRC hours are 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on instructional Saturdays during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Summer session hours are as posted. The LLRC is closed on Sundays and all academic holidays. Variations to LLRC hours for unforeseen events or emergencies will be posted to the website.

Library Services

Located on the second floor of the LLRC, the Library maintains a collection of 40,000 books, 19,000 electronic books and multiple online database services. Reference librarians are available to assist students with academic research, teach research skills and to make classroom presentations upon faculty request. Library staff are available to check materials in and out and to render assistance with document editing, courseware and other technical tasks. See:

Tutorial Services

The goal of tutorial services in the LLRC is to support students in becoming independent lifelong learners by providing services that will improve and strengthen academic performance and skills.

Tutorial services in the LLRC are available for free to all enrolled Oxnard College students and are offered on a drop-in basis (no appointment needed). Writing and Reading tutors are available to support students with any writing or reading assignment for any class at any stage in the process from planning to the final draft. We help students improve skills such as brainstorming, understanding the assignment, writing thesis statements, organizing ideas, reading comprehension, study skills, using accurate citations, improving sentence structure and grammar skills. Additionally, the tutors help with other types of writing including personal statements for university applications, scholarship essays, resumes, and cover letters.

Course-specific tutoring is also available in most subjects including math, science, social sciences, humanities and others. Tutoring is provided by trained peer tutors and university graduates who have outstanding academic performance in their respective subject areas. The Writing, Reading, and Tutoring Center (WRTC) and STEM peer and provisional tutors provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere for all students.

Online tutoring is also available. Students have the option of meeting Oxnard College Tutors online, as well as utilizing the online tutoring program Net Tutor.

Fall and Spring Semester WRTC Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Summer Session hours as posted at:

Open Access Computer Lab and Study Rooms

The LLRC has an open access computer lab available for student and faculty use as well as several small group study rooms and desk space for individual or group student interaction.

To contact the Library Learning Resource Center by phone or email:

Oxnard College students, faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize all programs and services available through the Library Learning Resource Center.