Instructional Services

Instructional Services

Distance Education

Ventura College offers convenient access to quality higher education and learning opportunities via distance education. Distance Education means instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and/or time and interact through the assistance of online communication technologies. Distance Education courses are ideal for independent, self-directed, and motivated students who have access to functional computers and high-speed internet. Students selecting Distance Education courses should have good study and time management skills. In addition, Ventura College provides multiple online support systems and tools to assist our distance education students such as online tutoring, access to the library, databases for research, writing assistance, online counseling, online test proctoring, and other services.

There are several types of online course formats: Online, Hybrid (partially-online), and HyFlex. Online means that a course expects your full attention online and may include synchronous Zoom sessions. Online courses are conducted entirely online through the learning management system, Canvas. All instructional activities—such as lectures, assignments, communication, and assessments (exams, projects, quizzes, etc.)—will take place online. There are no in-person requirements. Partially online courses (Hybrid and HyFlex) are conducted both online through the learning management system, Canvas, Zoom, and at Ventura College. Hybrid (partially online) means that there is a variation of time commitment between the online component and the in-class component. HyFlex is a type of hybrid format that allows for streaming while teaching a live class at the same time. There are not many HyFlex courses at Ventura College. Activities for partially online may include scheduled classroom instruction, zoom and/or proctored (supervised) exams. The online class schedule will indicate the scheduled classroom times and locations. Course format is denoted in the CRN Notes in the Schedule of Classes on the Ventura College website.

When searching the class catalog all courses have indicated a meeting time and location. Courses that indicate “Ventura Internet Classes” means that the content is completely offered online with various due dates. Courses that indicate Ventura Zoom Web Live Meeting means that during that time you are meeting via Zoom to have class. If it states both then you are signing up for both. Please read the schedule carefully as it does indicate a commitment of time.

Distance Education Orientations

We encourage all students new to online learning to explore the readiness tutorials on the Are you online ready? page of the Distance Education Website. We encourage all students (including new students) to sign up and take our VC Distance Education Student Orientation which familiarizes students with the Learning Management System (LMS), procedures at Ventura College, and online study tools. The LMS houses fully online, partially online, and web-enhanced classes and can be accessed through the VC Student Portal. Links to these services can be found on the distance education section of the Ventura College website. Please see Appendix XXII for more details regarding Distance Education.

Learning Center

The 360-station Learning Center computer lab (the “BEACH") functions both as an open-access computer lab, which students can use on a drop-in basis for their college-related work, and as a lab for classroom instruction for English, reading, foreign language, learning skills, and computer science. Computers are available with software for Internet access, word processing, textbook related materials, and specialized programs such as Kurzweil 3000, Dragon Natural Speaking, Inspiration, Read and Write Gold, Quickbooks, and Adobe Creative Cloud. “BEACH” is an acronym for Best Educational Access to Computers and Help.

The “BEACH” Learning Center computer lab is located on the first floor of the Library and Learning Resources building. For more information, call (805) 289-6320. A Learning Center is also located at the Ventura College East Campus in Santa Paula and is open to all Ventura College students; call (805) 289-6590 for directions and more information.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Students will see the LRC noted on maps and as rooms on their schedules. The LRC Building is the Library and Learning Resources Building. On the first floor is the Tutoring Center, which offers free tutoring to all VC students, and the Learning Center “BEACH” computer lab. Classes in the BEACH are noted, for example as LRC-J (POD/computer station J), on student schedules. Also located on the first floor is the English, Math, and Learning Resources Division Office.

On the second floor is the Library, which is a great place to study. The third floor is home to the Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Division Office, and offices for faculty members in Communication Studies, English, and Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities.


The Evelyn and Howard Boroughs Library supports the mission of the college by providing collections and services to meet the educational, research, and professional needs of Ventura College students, faculty, and staff.

The Library, located on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC), has eight group study rooms, quiet study areas, and a large ocean-view reading room. Technology available within the Library includes computers, printers, photocopiers, and wireless internet access. The Library’s print collection consists of more than 100,000 books, 1,800 textbooks, and 131 print periodicals. The Library’s digital collection includes more than 40 full-text electronic article, book, and streaming media databases.

The Library is home to several specialized collections that support equity and diversity. The Ventura College Foundation Textbook Reserve Collection and the Textbook Lending Library provide students with access to textbooks at no cost. The Ventura College Foundation has generously provided financial support for both collections. The Textbook Reserve Collection consists of current copies of textbooks that are available for one-day check-out. The Textbook Lending Library contains a limited collection of textbooks that students may check out for an entire semester. The Textbook Lending Library materials are primarily used textbooks and may include prior editions.

The Library provides equity in access to its diverse collections, services, and resources to Ventura College students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their location or educational modality. Library services and resources are available remotely on the Library’s website at Library service hours are listed on the homepage. Librarians are available to assist in-person, and remotely by phone, email, library chat, and online library appointments. Library research guides, video tutorials, and other learning support services are available online.

The Library actively supports the development of students’ information competency skills with a focus on lifelong learning. The Library supports ISLO 4 through their reference and instruction programs, where librarians emphasize the development of research skills including recognizing an information need, locating and evaluating information, and the ethical use of information. Reference services are provided in-person at the reference desk and online through Library Chat and online library appointments. Library instruction is conducted both in-person and online, and includes orientations, tours, and workshops, online tutorials, videos, and learning objects, and a one-unit library course (LIB V01). Librarians collaborate with instructional faculty to create high-quality educational experiences that infuse information literacy across the curricula.

A branch of the Library is located at the Ventura College East Campus in Santa Paula. All library services, including library instruction, are available at the branch, and students attending classes at East Campus may utilize all remote library services and resources.

For assistance with Circulation and Reserves, contact (805) 289-6482.To reach a librarian, contact (805) 289-6382.

The Library Guidelines are available on the Ventura College Library website at

Math Center

The Math Center is located in the LRC's Stan Weisel Tutoring Center. Tutors are available for all levels of math. For more information, call (805) 289-6026.

Online Tutoring

Ventura College students also have access to Net Tutor, our online tutoring service, for their VC courses. Online access is available 24/7 for many course subject areas. For more information, please see our online tutoring page on the Ventura College website.

Reading/Writing Center

The Reading & Writing Center (RWC) is located in the LRC's Stan Weisel Tutoring Center. The RWC’s focus is to support reading and writing across the curriculum. Students are encouraged to make use of the center's tutors and faculty to gain assistance with any writing assignment or issues with writing and reading that they would like to improve. Tutors will also provide individualized instruction to aid in the understanding of course assignments and expectations and in building confidence in reading and writing. Also available to students are handouts that address all areas of the writing process. For more information, please call (805) 289-6026.

Stan Weisel Tutoring Center

The Stan Weisel Tutoring Center provides free drop-in, group, and individual tutorial services to students enrolled in Ventura College classes. Online tutoring is available to all students. Tutors are Ventura College students who have been recommended by their instructors to assist students, as well as volunteers from the community, many of whom are retired faculty. Besides helping students with course content, tutors clarify instructions for assignments, help brainstorm ideas for papers and projects, and teach strategies for effective study and exam preparation.

IDS N100 Supervised Tutoring (Units: 0) faculty and peer tutors are available throughout the day to assist students with assignments. IDS N100 Supervised Tutoring (Units: 0) is a free noncredit course that students enroll in to gain access to this assistance throughout the semester. IDS faculty may also conduct skill-building workshops during the term that students may find helpful.

The Tutoring Center has peer assisted learning services (PALS) where peer tutors (PALS) are assigned to a group of students identified by instructors for the purposes of improving success and retention rates in courses. The PALS leader may provide study skill strategies for the students enrolled in the course.

The Tutoring Center is located on the first floor Learning Resource Center (LRC). For more information, please call (805) 289-6026 or visit the Ventura College website for semester hours of operation. Tutoring is also available at the Ventura College East Campus in Santa Paula. Please call (805) 289-6590 for directions and more information. All Ventura College students may use services at both sites.

Testing Center

With instructor approval, current students may schedule make-up tests in the Testing Center, which is located in ELC 1. For more information, including hours of operation, please visit the Testing Center page on the Ventura College website: