Course Repetition

Course Repetition

Limitation on Enrollments & Withdrawals

A non-repeatable course in which a grade of C/P/CR or better is earned may not be repeated except as allowed under special circumstances. Students are permitted a total of three enrollment attempts to achieve a standard grade (defined as a passing grade of A, B, C, P or CR). This rule applies to courses taken at any regionally accredited college, in which the student received a substandard grade as defined above. Once a passing grade of C/P/CR or better is received, the course may not be taken again under this section. However, repetition may be allowable under special circumstances as defined in the appendices.

An enrollment attempt is defined as any enrollment in a course that results in an evaluative (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, CR, NC) or non-evaluative (W) grade. All of these grades are counted as enrollment attempts when determining a student’s eligibility to repeat a course.

Withdrawals may not exceed three (3) times in the same class. Students who have withdrawn from the same class the maximum number of times will be required to petition for a fourth enrollment attempt. The fourth attempt, if authorized, must reflect a grade other than W.

Petitions for Course Repetition are available in the Counseling Office.

Consult Appendix XIV - Repetition Policy of this catalog for full policy and procedure information regarding course repetition.

Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition

Students may petition to have a maximum of 24 semester units of any courses with less than a “C” or equivalent grade taken during any five terms maximum (or any portion thereof) of previous college work disregarded in meeting academic requirements in the colleges of the Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) when that work is not considered to be reflective of the student's present demonstrated ability and level of performance. Academic renewal is intended to facilitate the completion of requirements necessary for an academic degree, certificate, or transfer.

Academic renewal many not be applied to any course that has been used to satisfy associate degrees, certificate of achievement, IGETC or CSU-GE transfer general education breadth requirements.

Consult Appendix XVI - Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition of this catalog for full policy and procedure information regarding academic renewal.