Associated Student Government

Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government of Oxnard College

The Associated Student Government (ASG) of Oxnard College was established in 1977. The aims of the association are in close harmony with the objectives of the college, including opportunities for personal development, group cooperation, leadership development and enrichment of student life. The Associated Student Government of Oxnard College is a governing body of students. Students have the opportunity to become active leaders on campus and in their community. Students who join student government strive to promote scholarship, advocacy and leadership.


Oxnard College students strive for academic excellence, and the Associated Student Government at OC provides enrichment to the student experience. A major part of student life is academic achievement, and ASG at OC supports all students in their pathway to success.


Oxnard College student leaders are involved in college-wide and district-wide committees, where they learn about student success goals, projects and services on campus. Students involved in ASG are trained at conferences and general assemblies to provide better leadership on campus. Advocacy is a strong element for ASG at OC. Students program several events and forums on student advocacy throughout the year.


Oxnard College students become leaders in their community. ASG board members are the liaison between the students at OC and administration. ASG board members are the role models and decision makers for the students they represent. Leadership opportunities are available throughout the year including serving on ASG committees or volunteer opportunities.

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Student Elections

Elections are held every spring semester for student government. There are several requirements for eligibility for candidacy.

A student who is elected to serve as an officer in the student government of a community college shall meet any of the following requirements:


(1)The student shall be enrolled in the community college at the time of election, and throughout the student's term, with a minimum of five semester units, or the equivalent quarter units.
(2)The student shall meet and maintain the minimum standards of scholarship prescribed for community college students by the community college district.

(b)The student shall be enrolled in an adult education program offered by a community college district pursuant to Article 9 (commencing with Section 84900) of Chapter 5 of Part 50, at the time of the election and throughout the student's term.

(c)The student is enrolled in the community college at the time of election, and throughout the student's term, and is a disabled student, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 84850.

Ca. Educ. Code § 76061

For more information on candidate requirements, please refer to the Student Election Standard Operating Practices for Associated Students’ Positions and Student Trustee Position. All students are eligible to vote in these elections. Students elected to a position in OC ASG serve for a full academic year from June 1st to May 31st.

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