International Students

International Students

Oxnard College is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. International students (F-1 Visa) and persons who hold other nonimmigrant visas are considered citizens and residents of another country. Eligibility for admission is determined by the type and current status of the visa. Proof of current visa status must be submitted to determine this eligibility. Contact the International Student Program for more information via email:

If eligible for admission, International Students are required to pay nonresident tuition ($397 per unit) and Foreign Student Capital Outlay Fees ($15 per unit), in addition to the mandatory enrollment fees ($46 per unit), health fees ($26 per semester), student center fees ($1 per unit not to exceed $10 per term), student representation fees ($2 per term), and student activities fee (optional $5 per term).

International students are required to purchase the insurance plan approved by the Ventura County Community College District which meets the minimum school requirements. Proof of Health Insurance needs to be provided to the campus during the first month of classes in order for students to have their F-1 Status updated in the USCIS/SEVP database. Health insurance waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must meet the minimum requirements.

F-1 Students attending Oxnard College are required by USCIS/SEVP to maintain 12 or more units per semester. This means students must enroll in and complete 12 units each semester. Only 3 units during each semester may be fully online.  F-1 Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA at all times. Falling below the GPA minimum requirement may result in the termination of the student’s F1 visa status at the college. Under extenuating circumstances, USCIS/SEVP allows for the student to have a Reduced Course Load (RCL).  Authorization for reduced course load will be given only in limited circumstances, as specified by federal regulations, and authorization from the International Students Office is required. When a student has violated their F-1 visa status, the student must apply to the Department of Homeland Security for reinstatement. Until the student is reinstated, the student’s ability to travel, work, or transfer may be impeded.

Permission to Work (F-1 Visa only): After the successful completion of one full academic semester, international students may work up to a maximum of 20 hours a week on-campus during a full semester, and up to 30 hours a week during the summer term. Students must go through the normal competitive hiring process for student workers. After the successful completion of the first full academic year, international students may request permission to work off-campus due to financial hardship. This request needs to be approved by the DSO and USCIS. Contact the International Students Program for information regarding potential off-campus employment –

International Student Admission Procedures

After applying to the college as described in the Admissions Procedures catalog section above, international students must submit all of the following documents for evaluation to the International Student Office:

  • International Student Supplemental Application
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Proof of High School Completion or Equivalent, i.e., certificate of completion, diploma. Transcripts must be in English
    • Student-Athletes will need to submit official proof of high school completion, in English, to the athletics department by the first week of class.
  • Official College or University Transcripts from all schools previously attended must be translated into English for submission. College or University coursework and translation must also be performed by a school-approved evaluation service.
  • An official bank statement or affidavit of support from a sponsor, showing proof of sufficient financial support to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses for one academic year. All bank verifications should indicate U.S. currency and be dated within 6 months of the term start date. This cost is estimated to be $27,000 based on the geographical area of the college.

In order to attend classes, international students should complete the following:

  • Attend an orientation session for new international students, including academic counseling.
  • Submit a copy of the I-94 printout and any previous I-20's issued by other schools.

Concurrent Students: F-1 Visa holders who wish to concurrently enroll in a class at Oxnard College while attending another U.S. school will apply to the college as described in the Admissions Procedures catalog section. After receiving the acceptance email with a student ID number and MyVCCCD student portal link, concurrent enrollees will submit to the International Student Program a copy of their current I-20 (pages 1 and 2), copy of passport, I-94, and a permission letter from the Designated School Official of the other U.S. school that issued the current I-20 allowing the student to attend classes concurrently. During the summer the permission letter is not needed as summer is not a mandatory semester.

Transfer Students: In addition to the admissions procedures listed above, F-1 students transferring from a school within the United States will submit a " Transfer-In Form" to be filled out by the Designated School Official (DSO) that issued the current I-20. Contact the International Students Program for information –