Meet with a Counselor

Meet with a Counselor

1st-Step Center

Students Services Building, 1st Floor - Room 149 (805) 678-5254

  • Rebecca Martinez (Career Counselor; Part-Time)


Student Services Building, 2nd Floor (805) 678-5887

  • Holly Mulligan (CalWorks Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Marta Munoz (CalWorks Counselor/Coordinator; Full-Time)

Career Center

Administrative Services Bldg, 1st Floor (805) 678-5900

  • Deirdre Donahoe (Career Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Enrique Ramirez (Career Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Raul Gomez (Career Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Rebecca Martinez (Career Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Shannon Findlay (Career Counselor; Full-Time)

Educational Assistance Center (EAC/DSPS)

Student Services Building, 1st Floor (805) 678-5830

  • America Barroso (EAC Counselor; Full-Time)
  • David Lopez (EAC Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Jennifer Ruppert​ (EAC Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Leo Orange (EAC Coordinator; Full-Time)

Extended Opportunity Programs & Service (EOPS/CARE)

Students Services Building, 2nd Floor (805) 678-5837

  • Cesar Flores (EOPS/CARE Coordinator; Full-Time)
  • Everardo Rivera (EOPS/CARE Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Gloria Espinoza-Lopez (EOPS Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Renee Esquivel Mancia (EOPS Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Ross Fontes (EOPS Counselor; Full-Time)

First Year Experience (FYE)

Condor Hall - Room 333 (805)-678-5952

  • Joe Esparza (FYE Counselor; Part-Time)

General Counseling Department

Student Services Building, 2nd Floor (805) 678-5816

  • Adilene Juarez (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Akadina Amrekhasadeh (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Albert Alas (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Amber Bayardo (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Ana Valle Villa (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Charles Ramirez (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Graciela Casillas (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Jennifer Zier (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Jessica Posey (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Jose Vega (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Julius Munyantwali (Co-Chair/General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Linda Webb (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Melissa Garcia (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Nayeli Madero Fernandez (General Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Pardees Fassihi (General Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Susan Allison (General Counselor; Part-Time)

OC High School Site Counseling

Oxnard College counselors placed at local high schools

  • Griselda Rodriguez (OC High School Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Marcos Lupian (OC High School Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Maria Alonzo (OC High School Counselor; Part-Time)
  • Nancy Recinos (OC High School Counselor; Part-Time)

PACE (Program for Accelerated College Education)

2200 Outlet Center Dr. Suite 470, Oxnard, CA 93030 (@CLU)

  • Jacob Perez (PACE Counselor; Part-Time)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Library/Learning Resource Center, 1st Floor (805) 678-5262

  • Jocelyne Gonzalez (STEM Counselor; Part-Time)

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

Administration Annex 131 (805) 678-5200

  • Edlin Garcia (TRIO SSS Counselor; Part-Time)

University Transfer Center

Administrative Services Bldg, 1st Floor (805) 678-5837

  • Letty Mojica (Transfer Counselor; Full-Time)
  • Melody Smith (Transfer Counselor; Full-Time)

Veterans Resource Center

Student Services Building, 2nd Floor (805) 678-5845

  • Michael Miller (Veterans Counselor; Full-Time)