ANAT R101  General Human Anatomy  4 Units  
Formerly:   ANAT 100  
In-Class Hours:   35 lecture, 105 laboratory  
Prerequisites:   BIOL R101 or BIOL R101H; and BIOL R101L; and MATH R005 or MATH R015; and ENGL R097 or eligibility for ENGL R101 as determined by the college's multiple measures assessment process  
C-ID:   BIOL 110B  

This course is organized into two parts: lecture and laboratory. The lecture portion is an introduction to gross anatomy as well as organization and histology of human organ systems. The laboratory portion reinforces the lecture material and consists of hands-on experiments and demonstrations used to illustrate the principles and concepts of anatomy. These include but are not limited to microscope use, model and specimen examination, dissection of the cat as well as other livestock organs and demonstration of the dissected human cadaver. This course meets the requirements of students anticipating transfer to university, medical school, dental school, holistic medicine, kinesiology programs and other health care certificated programs.

Grade Modes:   Letter Graded  
Field Trips:   May be required  
Degree Applicability:   Applies to Associate Degree  
AA/AS GE:   A1  
Transfer Credit:   CSU, UC  
UC Credit Limitations:   None  
CSU GE-Breadth:   B2, B3  
IGETC:   5B, 5C