Refund Policy

Enrollment Fee Refund Policy

  • Student must drop classes by the credit refund deadline as stated in the Academic/Registration Calendar to qualify for a credit or refund of enrollment fees.
  • Application for refunds must be made to the Student Business Office after the class or classes have been dropped.
  • Credits/refunds will NOT be authorized for drops or withdrawals occurring after the deadline date.
  • Refund checks will be mailed by the Ventura County Community College District Office after the Refund Request Form is received and processed at the Student Business Office.
  • Enrollment fee refunds are subject, once a semester, to the withholding of a $10 Administrative Fee.

The following schedule of refunds will be in effect for all students who drop a class or classes or withdraw from college:

  • Full-semester Length Classes
    • In first and second week 100% enrollment fee refund
  • Short-term Classes and Summer Session
    • Withdraw within 10% of class sessions 100% enrollment fee refund

No refunds are authorized thereafter.

Other (Non-Enrollment) Fee Refund Policy

  • Audit Fees: are not refundable
  • Health Center Fee: is only refunded if all classes are dropped for the semester/session within the deadline, regardless of the residency status of the student.
  • Instructional Materials Fees: are refunded in full when a class requiring the fees is dropped within the stated deadline.
  • Non-mandatory Fees: are refunded in full when requested within the stated deadline.
  • Parking Fee: to qualify for a refund of parking fees, the students will need to contact the Student Business Office by the last day to drop for a refund.
  • Student Center Fee: refunds may include a pro-rated refund of the Student Center fee. If all classes are dropped, a student may be entitled to a full refund of the Student Center fee, depending on enrollment in prior semesters for the academic year.