Refund Policy

Enrollment Fee Refund Policy

  • Student must drop classes by the credit refund deadline as stated in the Academic/Registration Calendar to qualify for a credit or refund of enrollment fees.
  • Application for refunds must be made to the Student Business Office after the class or classes have been dropped.
  • Credits/refunds will NOT be authorized for drops or withdrawals occurring after the deadline date.
  • Refund checks will be mailed by the Ventura County Community College District Office after the Refund Request Form is received and processed at the Student Business Office.
  • If payment was made by a credit card the refund will be issued back to the card that was used.
  • If payment was made by an approved 3rd party vendor, refunds will be issued back to the vendor.
  • Enrollment fee refunds are subject, once a semester, to the withholding of a $10 Administrative Fee.
  • A Refund Request Form can be found in MYVCCCD student web portal under “Resources for Students” “Petition and Forms” “Refund Request Form”. 

The following schedule of refunds will be in effect for all students who drop a class or classes or withdraw from college:

Full-semester Length Classes

  • In first and second week 100% enrollment fee refund

Short-term Classes and Summer Session

  • Withdraw within 10% of class sessions 100% enrollment fee refund

***No refunds are authorized thereafter.

Other (Non-Enrollment) Fee Refund Policy

Audit Fees: are not refundable

Health Center Fee: is only refunded if all classes are dropped for the semester/session within the deadline, regardless of the residency status of the student.

Instructional Materials Fees: are refunded in full when a class requiring the fees is dropped within the stated deadline.

Non-mandatory Fees: are refunded in full when requested within the stated deadline.

Parking Fee: to qualify for a refund of parking fees, whether classes are dropped or not, return the original parking permit to the Student Business Office by the deadline.

Student Center Fee: refunds may include a pro-rated refund of the Student Center fee. If all classes are dropped, a student may be entitled to a full refund of the Student Center fee, depending on enrollment in prior semesters for the academic year.