Associate Degree in General Studies Pattern I

Associate Degree in General Studies Pattern I

Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies Pattern I, with an Area of Emphasis

About the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree in General Studies Pattern I

This pattern provides an opportunity to earn an Associate in Arts (AA) in General Studies with an area of emphasis. This degree covers a broad area of study and is intended for students who may not be planning to transfer to a four-year university or who may need to explore possibilities before committing themselves to a major. 

Requirements for the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree in General Studies Pattern I

  1. Choose an area of emphasis from one of four Moorpark College area-of-emphasis lists below and complete the courses required for that area of emphasis (a minimum of 18 semester units of degree-applicable college credit coursework). Courses for the area of emphasis must be completed with a grade of "C" or better or “P” if the course is taken on a “pass-no pass” basis (Title 5 § 55063). Even though a “P” is allowed, it is recommended that students complete all coursework in the area of emphasis for a letter grade ("A," "B," or "C"). At least 6 units of the 18 units required for the area of emphasis must be completed within a single discipline.
    Note: Universities have limitations on the number of units that may be taken on a “pass-no pass" basis and therefore it is strongly recommended that students take all coursework in the area of emphasis for a letter grade. Most universities also have limitations on the number of general education units that may be completed on a "pass/no pass" basis.
  2. Complete Moorpark College’s General Education requirements (areas A through F)
    1. Natural Sciences (a minimum of 6 semester units)
      • Biological Science: one (1) course
      • Physical Science: one (1) course
    2. Social and Behavioral Sciences (a minimum of 6 semester units)
      • American History and Institutions: one (1) course
      • Social and Behavioral Sciences: one (1) course
    3. Humanities (a minimum of 6 semester units)
      • Fine Arts / Performing Arts: one (1) course
      • Humanities: one (1) course
    4. Language and Rationality (a minimum of 6 semester units)
      • English Composition: one (1) course
      • Communication and Analytical Thinking: one (1) course
    5. Health and Physical Education/Kinesiology (no unit minimum)
      • Health Education: one (1) course
      • Physical Education/Kinesiology: one (1) activity course
    6. Ethnic/Gender Studies (a minimum of 3 semester units)
      • Ethnic/Gender Studies: one (1) course
  3. Satisfactorily complete at least 60 semester units of degree-applicable college coursework (including general education, area of emphasis, and, if needed, free electives).
  4. Demonstrate competency in reading, in written expression, and in mathematics as defined in Title 5 § 55063 for the appropriate catalog year.
  5. Achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better in degree-applicable college credit coursework.
  6. Complete a minimum of 12 semester units in residence at the college granting the degree. Exceptions to the residency requirement can be made by the Board when an injustice or undue hardship would otherwise be placed on the student.
  7. Apply for the Associate Degree in the Counseling Office by the published deadline dates. All of the student's official transcripts and test scores (such as AP, IB, or CLEP) must be on file with the Admissions and Records office.

Note: Students planning to transfer to a four-year university are advised that this curriculum may not adequately prepare them for transfer. General Studies Patterns II and III degrees are designed for transfer students.

References: AP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education; last reviewed by the VCCCD Board of Trustees in May 2017. AP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates; last reviewed by the VCCCD Board of Trustees in April 2022.

Areas of Emphasis for Pattern I Offered at Moorpark College

At the time of catalog publication, a student may earn the following General Studies AA Pattern I (Area of Emphasis) degrees at Moorpark College:

Humanities Emphasis

The Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies Pattern I with an emphasis in Humanities covers a broad area of study and is intended for students who may not be planning to transfer to a four-year university or who may need to explore possibilities before committing themselves to a major.

Courses in the humanities are those which help students not only develop an awareness of the ways in which people throughout the ages and in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation but also help the student develop an aesthetic understanding and an ability to make value judgments. Such courses could include introductory or integrative courses in the arts, foreign languages, literature, philosophy, and religion.

Course ID Title Units/Hours
ART M30 Drawing and Composition I3
ART M70Beginning Ceramics I3
ARTH M100Understanding Art3
or ARTH M100H Honors: Understanding Art
ARTH M110History of Western Art: Prehistoric Through Gothic3
ARTH M120History of Western Art: Renaissance through Modern3
ARTH M130History of Art: Asian3
ARTH M150History of Western Art: Modern through Contemporary3
CHIN M100Elementary Chinese: Mandarin I4
COMM M05Oral Interpretation of Literature3
COMM M26Rhetoric of Popular Culture3
DANC M01Dance Appreciation3
or DANC M01H Honors: Dance Appreciation
DANC M03Dance History3
DANC M10ABallet I-Fundamentals2
DANC M11AJazz Dance I - Fundamentals2
DANC M12AModern Dance I - Fundamentals2
DANC M31World Dance Cultures3
DES M100Design and Society3
or DES M100H Honors: Design and Society
DES M101Design History3
or DES M101H Honors: Design History
DES M130Design I3
ENGL M01BLiterature: Critical Thinking and Composition4
or ENGL M01BH Honors Literature: Critical Thinking and Composition
ENGL M10ACreative Writing3
ENGL M10BAdvanced Creative Writing3
ENGL M13ASurvey of American Literature I3
ENGL M13BSurvey of American Literature II3
ENGL M14Introduction to Poetry3
ENGL M15ASurvey of English Literature I3
ENGL M15BSurvey of English Literature II3
ENGL M16Introduction to Fiction3
ENGL M17Shakespeare3
ENGL M20Introduction to Drama3
ENGL M29AThe Bible as Literature (Old Testament)3
ENGL M29BThe Bible as Literature (New Testament) 3
ENGL M30AMasterpieces of World Literature I3
ENGL M30BMasterpieces of World Literature II3
ENGL M40Children's Literature3
FREN M100Elementary French I4
FREN M110Elementary French II4
FTMA M101Introduction to Cinema3
FTMA M102Introduction to Television Studies3
FTMA M103Introduction to Media Aesthetics3
FTMA M104Introduction to Documentary Studies3
FTMA M105History of International Cinema I: Emergence to World War II3
FTMA M106History of International Cinema II: World War II to the Present3
FTMA M107Directors and Genres3
FTMA M108Women in Cinema3
FTMA M109Contemporary American Cinema3
FTMA M110Contemporary Global Cinema3
FTMA M115Introduction to Media Writing3
GERM M100Elementary German I4
GERM M110Elementary German II4
HIST M150World History: From Prehistory to 15003
HIST M152History of Asia from Prehistory to 16003
HIST M160World History: From 1450 to the Present3
HIST M162History of Asia From 1600 To The Present3
HIST M164History of Latin America3
HIST M170Western Civilization: From Prehistory to 16003
HIST M180Western Civilization: From 1600 To The Present3
HUM M07Survey of the Arts3
HUM M10AEthics, Culture and the Arts: The Roots of the Humanities3
HUM M10BEthics, Culture and the Arts: Humanities and the Modern World3
HUM M11Conflict and the Human Condition3
HUM M14Humanities in the United States3
ITAL M100Elementary Italian I4
JAPN M100Elementary Japanese I4
JAPN M110Elementary Japanese II4
JOUR M05Introduction to Visual Communication3
LAT M100Elementary Latin I4
MUS M01Music Fundamentals3
MUS M02AMusic Theory I3
MUS M04Survey of World Music3
or MUS M04H Honors: Survey of World Music
MUS M08Music Appreciation3
or MUS M08H Honors: Music Appreciation
MUS M09AWestern Music History I3
or MUS M09AH Honors: Western Music History I
MUS M09BWestern Music History II3
or MUS M09BH Honors: Western Music History II
NS/RADT M17Healthcare Ethics3
PHIL M01Introduction to Philosophy3
or PHIL M01H Honors: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL M02Introduction to Ethics3
or PHIL M02H Honors: Introduction to Ethics
PHIL M03Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL M08Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL M11World Religions: West3
PHIL M12World Religions: East3
PHIL M13The Classical Mind3
PHIL M14The Modern Mind3
PHIL M21Ethics of Living and Dying3
PHIL M22Ethics of Business3
PHOT M10Beginning Photography3
PHOT M40History of Photography3
SPAN M100Elementary Spanish I5
SPAN M110Elementary Spanish II5
SPAN M200Intermediate Spanish I5
SPAN M200SIntermediate Spanish for Spanish Speakers I5
SPAN M210Intermediate Spanish II5
THA M01Introduction to Theatre3
or THA M01H Honors: Introduction to Theatre
THA M02AActing I3
THA M04History of the Theatre3
or THA M04H Honors: History of Theatre

Natural Science Emphasis 

The Associate in Arts in General Studies Pattern I with an emphasis in Natural Sciences degree will help students explore and critically examine the physical universe, its life forms, and its natural phenomena that affect many aspects of life. The students will also: learn the roles of hypothesis, measurements, and analysis in the development of scientific theories; be able to formulate an empirical hypothesis, carry out an experiment, critically analyze the data, and arrive at critical, well-thought solutions to a problem by employing proven scientific methodologies, both quantitative and empirical; learn to write scientific laboratory reports and provide an effective oral presentation of scientific research findings. 

In addition, graduates of this program will understand the relationship between human activities and sciences and be able to apply natural sciences to improve their surroundings through introductory or integrative courses in anatomy, animal science, anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, EATM, environmental studies, geography, geology, physiology, physics, and psychology

Course ID Title Units/Hours
ANAT M01Human Anatomy4
ANPH M01Human Anatomy and Physiology6
ANSC/EATM M17Animal Diversity3.5
ANTH M01Biological Anthropology3
or ANTH M01H Honors: Biological Anthropology
ANTH M01LBiological Anthropology Lab1
AST M01An Introduction to Astronomy3
AST M01LAn Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory1
BIOL M01Introduction to Biology4
BIOL M02AGeneral Biology I5
or BIOL M02AH Honors: General Biology I
BIOL M02BGeneral Biology II5
BIOL M02CGenetics and Molecular Biology5
BIOL M03Marine Life and Its Environment4
BIOL M05Field Biology: A Natural History of California4
BIOL M16Human Biology3
BIOL M16LHuman Biology Lab1
BIOL M17Heredity, Evolution and Society3
BIOL M18Human Biology for Pre-Allied3
BOT M01Introduction to Botany5
BOT M06Plants and Society4
CHEM M01AGeneral Chemistry I5
or CHEM M01AH Honors: General Chemistry I
CHEM M01BGeneral Chemistry II5
CHEM M07AOrganic Chemistry I5
CHEM M07BOrganic Chemistry II5
CHEM M11Foundations of General, Organic, and Biochemistry5
CHEM M12Introductory Chemistry I4
CHEM M13Introductory Chemistry II5
ENSC M01Environmental Science3
ENSC M01LEnvironmental Science Lab1
ENSC M02Environment and Human Interactions4
ENSC M03Energy Resources and Conservation3
GEOG M01Physical Geography3
GEOG M01LPhysical Geography Lab1
GEOG M05Introduction to Weather and Climate3
GEOL M02Physical Geology3
or GEOL M02H Honors: Physical Geology
GEOL M02HHonors: Physical Geology3
GEOL M02LPhysical Geology Lab1
GEOL M03Earth History3
GEOL M03LEarth History Lab1
GEOL M05The World Ocean3
GEOL M05LThe World Ocean Lab1
GEOL M61Natural Disasters3
GEOL M121Earth Science with Lab4
MICR M01General Microbiology5
PHSO M01Human Physiology4
or PHSO M01H Honors: Human Physiology
PHSC M01Principles of Physical Science3
PHSC M01LPrinciples of Physical Science Laboratory1
PHYS M01Descriptive Physics3
PHYS M01LDescriptive Physics Laboratory1
PHYS M10AGeneral Physics I4
PHYS M10ALGeneral Physics I Lab1
PHYS M10BGeneral Physics II4
PHYS M10BLGeneral Physics II Laboratory1
PHYS M20AMechanics of Solids and Fluids4
PHYS M20ALMechanics of Solids and Fluids Laboratory1
PHYS M20BThermodynamics, Electricity, and Magnetism4
PHYS M20BLThermodynamics, Electricity, and Magnetism Laboratory1
PHYS M20CWave Motion, Optics, and Modern Physics4
PHYS M20CLWave Motion, Optics, and Modern Physics Laboratory1
PSY M02Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience3
or PSY M02H Honors: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience
ZOO M01Introduction to Zoology5

Social and Behavioral Sciences Emphasis

The Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies Pattern I with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a broad interdisciplinary curriculum designed for both general and area of emphasis students who are interested in pursuing an associate degree.

The courses that fulfill the Social and Behavioral Sciences area of emphasis will examine people as members of society. The courses are designed to develop students’ awareness of the method of inquiry used by the social and behavioral sciences to stimulate critical thinking about the ways people respond to their societies and to promote appreciation of how societies and social subgroups operate. The category would include introductory or integrative survey courses in cultural anthropology, cultural geography, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or related disciplines.

Course ID Title Units/Hours
ANSC/EATM M09Animal Behavior3
ANTH M02Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH M03Archaeology3
ANTH M06Introduction to Native American Studies3
ANTH M07Peoples and Cultures of the World3
ANTH M08Linguistic Anthropology3
ANTH M09Sex, Gender, and Culture3
ANTH M11The Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft and Religion3
ANTH M13The Chumash and Their Neighbors: Indians of California3
ANTH M14Monkeys, Apes, and Humans3
ANTH M15Egyptology: Archaeology of the Land of the Pharaohs3
ANTH M16Mysteries of the Ancient Maya3
ANTH M17Forensic Anthropology3
ANTH M18Culture, Health, and Healing3
BUS M30Introduction to Business3
CD M02Human Development: Infancy through Adolescence3
CD M03Child, Family, and Community3
or CD M03H Honors: Child, Family, and Community
CD M05Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CJ M01Introduction to Criminal Justice3
or CJ M01H Honors: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ M02Concepts of Criminal Law3
CJ M03Community Relations3
CJ M08Introduction to Constitutional Law3
COMM M04Interpersonal Communication3
COMM M12Intercultural Communications3
COMM M13Gender Communication3
ECON M170Economic History of the US3
ECON M201Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON M202Principles of Macroeconomics3
or ECON M202H Honors: Principles of Macroeconomics
ETHS M01Introduction to Chicana/o Studies3
ETHS M10Introduction to African American Studies3
ETHS M40Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
FTMA M100/JOUR M01Introduction to Mass Communications3
FTMA M108Women in Cinema3
GEOG M02Cultural Geography3
GEOG M03World Regional Geography3
or GEOG M03H Honors: World Regional Geography
GEOG M10Geography of California3
HIST M25History of the United States3
or HIST M25H Honors: History of the U.S
HIST M130United States History Through Reconstruction3
HIST M131African American History to 18773
HIST M133History of Mexican Americans3
HIST M135Native American History and Culture3
HIST M137History of American Women3
or HIST M137H Honors: History of American Women
HIST M140United States History 1865 to the Present 3
HIST M141African American History Since 18773
HIST M143History of California3
HIST M145Race and Ethnicity in American History3
HIST M150World History: From Prehistory to 15003
HIST M152History of Asia from Prehistory to 16003
HIST M160World History: From 1450 to the Present3
HIST M162History of Asia From 1600 To The Present3
HIST M164History of Latin America3
HIST M170Western Civilization: From Prehistory to 16003
HIST M180Western Civilization: From 1600 To The Present3
NTS M07Cultural Foods3
PHIL M03Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL M22Ethics of Business3
POLS M01Introduction to Politics3
POLS M02Comparative Politics3
POLS M03American Government and Politics3
or POLS M03H Honors: American Government and Politics
POLS M04International Relations3
POLS M05National, State and Local Politics3
POLS M06Introduction to Political Theory3
POLS M09 Introduction to Political Science Research Methods3
PSY M01Introduction to Psychology3
or PSY M01H Honors: Introduction to Psychology
PSY M03Personal Growth & Social Awareness3
PSY M04Child Psychology3
PSY M05Social Psychology3
PSY M06Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods3
PSY M07Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)3
PSY M08Abnormal Psychology3
PSY M10Dying and Death3
PSY M13Human Sexuality3
PSY M14Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY M16Personality Theories3
SJS M110Introduction to Social Justice Studies3
SJS M120Introduction to Women's Studies3
SJS M130Introduction to LGBTQ Studies3
SOC M110Introduction to Sociology3
or SOC M110H Honors: Introduction to Sociology
SOC M115Social Problems3
SOC M130Introduction to Marriage and Family3
SOC M140Introduction to Gender3
SOC M150Introduction to Race and Ethnicity3
SOC M160Introduction to Criminology3
SOC M212Introduction to Sociology of Religion3
SOC M216Sociology of Deviant Behavior3
SOC M218Organized Crime and Terrorism3
SWHS M110Introduction to Social Work and Human Services3