Hispanic-Serving Institution

Hispanic-Serving Institution

Oxnard College is a proud Hispanic-Serving Institution. Since our founding in 1975, we have been dedicated to serving our Hispanic residents and families.

What Does It Mean to be an HSI?

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The term “Hispanic-Serving Institution” (HSI) is a federal designation for colleges and universities whose undergraduate, full-time equivalent student population is at least 25 percent Hispanic and which serve students who receive need-based financial assistance. The term HSI was developed by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). Years of advocacy from institutions, including the Hispanic Higher Education Coalition (HHEC) and HACU at the federal level, resulted in the inclusion of the HSI designation as part of the Higher Education Act of 1992. 

At Oxnard College, the HSI designation strengthens our values as well as our dedication to serving Hispanic students and helping them succeed. This designation also qualifies our institution to apply for competitive federal grants that support our efforts to serve Hispanic students.

Why is Oxnard College’s HSI designation important?

Reflecting our community’s demographics, Oxnard College’s student body has historically consisted of approximately 70% Hispanic students. We are passionate about supporting these students with high-quality resources so that they can succeed in their pursuit of higher education. Additionally, our decades of experience as a Hispanic-Serving Institution equips us with the resources and knowledge to equitably support students from other underserved and marginalized communities.

As an HSI means, Oxnard College continuously strives to center our students, their cultures, values, and life experiences in everything we do. We take the word “serving” in Hispanic-Serving Institution, seriously, and it guides our collective work. Every student deserves to feel a sense of belonging, validation, connectedness, and safety on campus. That’s why, at Oxnard College, we are committed to providing access to the programs and services our students need to successfully reach their academic and life goals. 

As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, Oxnard College is always improving and enhancing our services in order to better serve our community. This important work extends well beyond our campus, reaching throughout Ventura County and across the nation. We are proud to play a role in this impactful work. ¡Si Se Puede!