International Students

International Students

International Student Admission

Ventura College is authorized under Federal law to enrollopen to all students including nonimmigrant students. International students (F1 visas) and persons who hold nonimmigrant visas including but not limited to visa types B (special restriction applies), C, D, H1, H2, H3, H4, J, O, P, Q1, TN, TD, TWOV, U, are citizens and residents of another country. Eligibility for admission as an international student is determined by the type and current status of the visa. Proof of current visa status must be submitted to determine this eligibility.  Contact the International Student Program for more information via email: .

If eligible for admission as an International Student, you will be required to pay nonresident tuition ($397 per unit) and Foreign Student Capital Outlay Fees ($15 per unit), in addition to the mandatory enrollment fees ($46 per unit), health fees ($26 per semester), student center fees ($1 per unit not to exceed $10 per term), student representation fees ($2 per term), and student activities fee (optional $5 per term).

See the International Students Program section in this catalog, or contact the International Student Office or Admission and Records Office for more information.

International Student Admission Requirements and Procedures (F-1 Visa students only)

An international student is anyone enrolled in courses in the United States who is neither a permanent resident nor a citizen of the United States. Most international students who intend to study full time in the United States will have a F-1 visa. Persons holding visas should contact the Admissions and Records Office to determine their eligibility for admission to the college, or contact the International Student Program.

Prior to admission, international students must submit and complete all of the following documents for evaluation to the International Student Office:

  • Complete the CCCApply Application for Ventura College
  • Proof of TOEFL with a minimum score of  45 iBT or other satisfactory evidence of English level. Please send the score directly to Ventura College. Be sure to indicate Ventura College as your receiving institution.
  • Proof of High School completion in English. If playing a sport, the High School transcript will have to be officially translated by NACES member. Check the International Students Office for more information. If asking for credits to be transferred in, these transcripts need to be officially translated by a NACES member.
  • Most recent bank statement or letter from a bank official confirming your sponsor's financial standing or a statement from a government agency showing proof that you have sufficient financial support to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses for two academic semesters. Check the International Students Office for current tuition and fees.
  • Financial Certificate Form - signed and dated by the sponsor.
  • A copy of passport information page.

For transfer students, please include the following documents:

  • Copy of current I20
  • Copy of Visa page
  • Copy of I94

All items can be emailed to

Prior to attending classes, international students must complete the following activities:

  • Take appropriate assessment steps at Ventura College.
  • Attend an orientation session for new international students, including academic counseling.
  • Meet with an international academic counselor.

Prior to attendance in classes, international students must also provide the following items to the International Student Office:

  • Proof of College approved medical insurance coverage meeting minimum school requirements or College approved waiver.
  • Copy of I-94 and U.S. residency form.

Limitations on International Student Enrollments

Due to the District’s space limitations and the special educational needs of international students, the Ventura County Community College District reserves the right to limit the number of international students admitted each year. Consult the college website for additional Information.

Full-Time Attendance Requirement

F-1 student visa holders attending Ventura College are required by U.S. immigration regulations to maintain full-time student status while studying in the United States. For F1-Visa students, full-time attendance means the student must enroll in and complete a minimum of 12 units of coursework each Fall and Spring semester. Students are not required to take courses during summer vacation or winter/spring breaks. Students taking less than 12 units for any reason must first speak to a counselor and get the final approval from the International Student Specialist in the International Student Office prior to dropping/withdrawing from classes. Only 3 units each semester are allowed to be fully online. An F1- Visa student must also maintain a 2.0 GPA at all times. Falling behind on the GPA minimum or the full time status, may cause cancellation for the student’s I-20.

Online/Distance Learning Course Limits

International students are allowed to enroll in three (3) units of fully online instruction towards the full-time attendance requirement each semester. International students enrolling in only 12 units of coursework must complete at least nine (9) units of courses taught in the classroom to maintain their I-20 status.

Permission to Work (F-1 visa only)

According to immigration policy, International students may work 20 hours a week, on-campus, after completing a full academic semester. Contact the International Students Office for information,