The High School at Moorpark College

The High School at Moorpark College

Mission Statement

The High School at Moorpark College (HSMC) is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and innovative educational experience through interdisciplinary learning communities and high academic standards that produce responsible citizens, effective communicators, and creative problem-solvers with a passion for learning, who are capable of achieving their full potential with the skills to successfully compete in an ever-changing global environment.

About The School

The High School at Moorpark College (HSMC) is a public Middle College High School serving students in 9th - 12th grades interested in reaching their full potential. HSMC is affiliated with the Moorpark Unified School District and is housed on the Moorpark College campus. Students from over 25 different public and private schools from across Southern California come together to create a dynamic learning environment. Students take core courses at the high school level and simultaneously earn dual enrollment credit for college course work.

Benefits of this model include increased grade point averages, earning transferable college units, and access to the full spectrum of courses available at Moorpark College without having to pay tuition. The High School at Moorpark College offers a specialized learning environment that is both positive and rewarding. HSMC offers a thematic and integrated approach to learning where students not only explore meaningful content, they also develop skills relevant to the 21st century and beyond.

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The High School at Moorpark College operates on a semester calendar with an A-F grading system. A “grade bump”  is given for honors and college courses. One 3-unit college semester course represents 10 high school credits or an entire year. Students are issued one progress grade report per semester; however, only semester grades appear on the student’s permanent record at the end of each semester.

Graduation Requirements

Each semester high school course earns five credits. A college unit of 3.0 or higher equals two semesters of high school credit. Students are required to complete 10 hours of community service for every year in Moorpark Unified School District and 230 academic credits in the following areas:

Subject Credits Required
English 40 4 years
Mathematics 30 3 years
Science 30 3 years
World History 10 1 year
U.S. History 10 1 year
Art or Foreign Language 10 1 year
Physical Education 20 2 years
Political Systems 5 1 semester
Economics 5 1 semester
Health 5 1 semester
Electives 65 Throughout High School

Translation of College Units to High School Credits

College Units High School Credits
1.0 3.0 (5.0 for Physical Education Only)
2.0 6.0
3.0 10.0
4.0 13.0
5.0 16.0
6.0 20.0