Study Skills

SS V01  Study Skills: Applications to College-Level Coursework  3 Units  
Advisories/Rec Prep:   SS V02 or placement as measured by the college assessment process  

This course is an advanced study skills course designed for students who are currently taking academic or vocational classes (such as students in the nursing program) and would like to refine their study skills and apply them to their coursework. It includes advanced note-taking applications, library research, time management, taking in-class essay exams, practice in taking timed standardized tests, and designing reading study guides.

Catalog Notes:   Offered on a pass/no pass basis only.  
Grade Modes:   Pass/No Pass Grading  
Credit Limitations:   see counselor.  
Degree Applicability:   Applies to Associate Degree  
AA/AS GE:   None  
Transfer Credit:   CSU  
UC Credit Limitations:   None  
CSU GE-Breadth:   None  
IGETC:   None  
SS V03  Expert Learner I  2 Units  
In-Class Hours:   35 lecture  

This course is a bridge for students who are attending college for the first time or returning after an absence from an educational setting. It covers learning styles, cultural and linguistic challenges and strategies, using technology to enhance learning, utilizing campus resources,developing effective student/instructor relationships and time management. Students will learn through lectures, collaborative group work, group discussions, campus tours, videos and assignments.

Grade Modes:   Pass/No Pass Grading  
Degree Applicability:   Not applicable for degree credit  
AA/AS GE:   None  
Transfer Credit:   None