MC Publications

Moorpark College produces many publications each year, advertising special programs, performances and services for the campus and the community. Three key campus publications, however, are special because they are student-produced.

  • The Moorpark College Reporter is an award-winning online student news publication of the Digital Journalism & Public Relations program at Moorpark College that publishes daily. Written, edited, photographed, video-captured, and produced entirely by students, the provides factual and fair accounts of news, features, and sports for and about the students, faculty, and staff of Moorpark College. In addition to providing traditional reporting opportunities, the Moorpark Reporter also includes a public relations department, a broadcast and podcast multimedia department, and mobile journalism storytelling component for breaking news coverage. Students in this program are enrolled in JOUR M10A or M10B and work under the guidance of the instructor and Student News Media Adviser. Students also benefit from the support and input provided by the Media Advisory Board, a group of committed media professionals who lend their time and expertise to ensure that the program is preparing students with vital, relevant, and employable knowledge and foundational skills for careers in the media and dozens of related fields. For more information, visit the Digital Journalism & Public Relations page at the Moorpark College website.
  • Moorpark Review and Moorpark Review Online, the campus creative arts journals, publish original student writing and art each spring. To join the staff, take ENGL M47 Literary Magazine Publication (Units: 3). For more information, visit the English Department page at the Moorpark College website.
  • Student Essay Anthology (SEA Magazine) publishes faculty-nominated student essays each spring online at Essays considered for the Student Writing Awards are submitted to SEA for publication; final selections are chosen and edited by students in ENGL M47 Literary Magazine Publication (Units: 3). For more information, visit the English Department page at the Moorpark College website.