Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission

Oxnard College transforms lives by offering equitable access to multiple educational and career pathways. Our academic programs and student services prepare students to enrich their communities and to succeed socioeconomically, professionally, and personally.

Our Vision

Oxnard College will be a model of state-of-the art education and training in the diverse communities we serve. We will foster the highest level of student success, advocate for a just and inclusive society, and be a valued community partner.

Educational Master Plan Goals

  1. Enhance Student Success

    In alignment with the system-wide goals for California Community Colleges, Oxnard College will improve the key educational outcomes that transform students’ lives.
  2. Strengthen Access To Educational Opportunity

    Oxnard College will promote our open-access mission and uphold the value of higher education throughout our entire community. Through expanded outreach and streamlined services, we will lead more of our residents to pursue higher education.
  3. Advance Social Justice And Equity-Minded Practices

    Oxnard College will advance equity-focused practices, rooted in anti-racism, in our instruction, services, and operations.
  4. Promote The College’s Reputation

    To advance the value of an Oxnard education, Oxnard College will earn far-reaching recognition as a leading institution for higher learning, socioeconomic mobility, and community engagement.
  5. Strengthen The College’s Financial Future

    Oxnard College will expand our advancement capacity and diversify our revenue streams in order to better and more sustainably serve our students and employees.

The 2021-2030 Educational Master Plan guides our planning and continuous improvement. To view the plan visit: https://www.oxnardcollege.edu/2021-educational-master-plan