Use of Technology

Use of Technology

Use of Listening or Recording Devices

State law in California prohibits the use by anyone in a classroom of any electronic listening or recording device without prior consent of the instructor and school administration. Any student who has need to use electronic aids must secure the consent of the instructor. Students who need to use recording devices as an authorized disability accommodation must receive verification through campus Accessibility Coordination Center & Educational Support Services (ACCESS) and must provide this verification to the instructor prior to use.

Use of the Internet

Purpose of the Internet

The Internet access provided by Moorpark College is to be used to support the instructional process of students who are actively enrolled in a designated course. Non-educational, recreational and commercial uses of the Internet are prohibited on the Moorpark College network.

Rules for Using the Internet

Each student is responsible for ensuring that he or she uses the College provided Internet access in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. To this end, students must comply with the following rules:

  1. Observe with the guidelines for acceptable use of networks or services.
  2. Only attempt to gain access to resources for which he or she has authorization. Moorpark College will not assume financial responsibility for unauthorized Internet-related expenditures.
  3. Do not make harassing or defamatory remarks using the Internet.
  4. Do not create a personal link to any Moorpark College page, and do not represent Moorpark College on any personal page.
  5. Do not install any software.
  6. Do not use any unapproved software.
  7. Do not violate any federal or state law, including copyright laws.
  8. Download data from the Internet onto personal data storage units—any data found on a College-owned hard drive will be deleted.
  9. Do not create any social networking page on behalf of Moorpark College or claiming to represent Moorpark College.

Privacy on the Internet

Please be aware that any electronic mail is not private since classes will be sharing a mailbox, and that the College reserves the right to access any such information on College-owned servers.

Responsibility for Information on the Internet

Through the Internet, the College provides access to public and private outside networks which furnish electronic mail, information services, bulletin boards, conferences, etc. Please be advised that the College does not assume responsibility for the contents of any of these outside networks.

Obscene Material

District information resources should not be used for knowingly viewing, downloading, transmitting, or otherwise engaging in any communication which contains obscene, indecent, profane, lewd, or lascivious material or other material which explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual conduct. This policy does not prohibit the use of appropriate material for educational purposes, nor limit academic freedom. However, knowingly displaying sexually explicit or sexually harassing images or text in a private and/or public computer facility or location that can potentially be in view of other individuals is prohibited.