Appendix XX

Appendix XX

Publicity Code and Information Dissemination

Students wishing to post, display, distribute, or otherwise make known an activity, event, or other piece of information should seek advance approval from the Student Activities Office.

This policy applies to all printed material distributed by students and all others on the VCCCD college campuses including, but not limited to, all petitions, circulars, leaflets, newspapers, and all materials displayed on general-use bulletin boards, kiosks, signboards, or other such display areas. Printed materials should not be displayed on bulletin boards, glass enclosures, or other areas that are managed by a specific department or office with the intention of promoting said department/office. Printed materials shall not be placed on any glass, lamp poles, buildings, windows, doors, retaining walls, painted surfaces, sidewalks, plants, and other such places. To remain in compliance, interested parties should contact the Student Activities Office for campus-specific locations where materials can be posted.

All printed materials should be clearly designed to meet the needs of students, staff, and faculty; and the event, activity, or program should be of obvious benefit to members of the campus community. All posted materials from external individuals/groups must display the VCCCD college campus's approval stamp. Requests by off-campus individuals or agencies to disseminate materials on the VCCCD college campuses should be referred to the below departments at each college. Such material must be of a high campus value and pre-approval is required.

Posting of materials on bulletin boards and dissemination of information or petitions will be governed by time, place, situation, and manner requirements.

Coercion is not to be used to induce students to accept any printed material or to sign petitions. Individuals or groups are expected to use good taste in their manner to express ideas according to current law or civic policy.

Please see Appendix I for information regarding Privacy Rights Governing Student Records and campus policy regarding the dissemination of information from student educational records. Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Registrar's Office.