Appendix IV

Appendix IV

Rights and Responsibilities

A. Associated Students

The Governing Board of the Ventura County Community College District recognizes the need for and authorizes the operations of the Associated Students in accordance with Education Code sections 10701 to 10705, inclusive.

B. Privileges of Student Organizations

1. In order to use the name of one of the colleges or to use college facilities for regular meetings or special events, student organizations must be chartered by the Associated Students.

2. Recognized student organizations shall not use District facilities for the purpose of planning or implementing off-campus political or social events, nor use the name of the colleges in conducting such off-campus events, unless authorized by the Associated Students.

3. A chartered student organization shall have a faculty or staff advisor who is a certified permanent employee of the district and who is chosen by the members of that organization and approved by the following administrator: 

  • Moorpark College: Vice President of Student Support
  • Oxnard College: Vice President of Student Development 
  • Ventura College: Vice President of Student Affairs 

4. Chartered student organizations shall be open to all registered students regardless of race, creed, or national origin.

C. Off-Campus Affiliations

Any organization (whether official or unofficial) of students on the college campuses which, in its constitution or method of operation, vests control of its policies in an off-campus organization, shall not be recognized as an official college organization and shall not be allowed to use the facilities of the district.

D. Advocacy and Free Expression

1. Purpose - The primary purpose of a college is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Free inquiry and expression are indispensable to the attainment of this purpose. The colleges of the Ventura County Community College District have the responsibility to establish and maintain general conditions conducive to an orderly and open examination of ideas and issues relevant to the primary purpose referred to above.

2. Registered Students - Students of the Ventura County Community College District have the right of free expression and advocacy and may exercise this right within the framework outlined below:

  • that the cause or issue being advocated is legitimate.
  • that the district’s outside speaker policy is observed.
  • that the college rules regulating time, place, and manner, developed by a student/faculty/administrator committee at each college and approved by the college President or designated representative, are respected.
  • that if, in the judgment of the President of the college or designated representative, an activity or event is disruptive or incompatible with the educational objective of the college, they may order individual students or chartered student organizations to discontinue the activity or event pending due process by either college and/or civil agencies. Due process is defined by a student/ faculty/ administrator committee at each college and approved by the college President.

3. Non-Students - The colleges of the Ventura County Community College District are provided for the purposes commonly ascribed to higher education. Non-students who wish to pursue these purposes at one of the colleges of the district are encouraged to enroll as registered students; however, regarding any event or activity that takes place on one of the college campuses of the Ventura County Community College District, non-students are governed by the same rules that apply to registered students.

4. Maintenance of Order - It shall be the policy of the Governing Board of the Ventura County Community College District to cooperate with all established governmental agencies in the maintenance of order on and about its properties. This cooperation shall not infringe on or limit the use of these properties for historically and legally reserved purposes. The President of the Board, as appropriate, shall convene a special meeting for the purpose of taking proper action to support the district and college administrations in carrying out the policy referred to in this section.

E. Dress Code

The dress of people appearing on the campuses of the Ventura County Community College District shall comply with generally accepted standards of hygiene and good taste. Clothing that is worn shall be such as to avoid interference with the educational responsibilities of the District, or with any other approved activities taking place within the district’s jurisdiction. 

F. Solicitation

The solicitation, selling, exposing for sale, offering to sell, or endorsing any goods, articles, wares, memberships, services, or merchandise of any nature whatsoever for the purpose of influencing lease, rental or sale at a college is prohibited except by written permission of the District Chancellor, President of the college or the President’s designee. This policy applies to all students, employees and community members.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to revoke the rights and privileges of students and staff as specifically granted by Education Code sections and board policy regarding fund raising activities (EC 76062), examination of instruction materials (EC 78904, 78905), or other activities sanctioned by federal, state, and local regulations.

G. Notices and Posters

Student- and other college-developed posters and flyers may be distributed or displayed as follows:

Any posters, flyers, or other materials which advertise instruction programs, student activities, or any other events that can be clearly identified as having sponsorship from the hosting college may be circulated and posted without bearing the "approved for posting" stamp.

All other notices or posters must have an "approved for posting" stamp obtained from the below departments at each college:

Posters should be placed in a designated area. Blue painter's tape or push pins must be used for posting in the designated area. Posters should be removed when no longer applicable. Any postings not complying with these guidelines will be removed.

Please refer to Ed Code 76120 or Business and Professional Code 5402 for more information.

H. Use of College Facilities

1. The purpose of these policies is to assure the full effective use and enjoyment of the facilities of the college campus as an educational institution. Orderly procedures are necessary to promote student and college personnel use of facilities, conserve and protect facilities for educational use and prevent interference with college functions.

2. Available college facilities  shall be reserved for meetings, and other events related to their purpose by:

a) chartered student organizations;

b) certificated employee;

c) organizations of college employees;

d) the Associated Students;

e) groups of ten or more students;

f) community organizations and groups under the Civic Center Act. (Education Code, 82537-82548).

3. Reservation of college facilities shall be made through the below departments before the event. Reservations will be granted in the order of application, unless considerations of format, room size or equitable distribution of special facilities will require adjustments. Student groups should also seek approval from the Student Activities Specialist.

4. The college may make reasonable charges for community groups' use of college facilities in accordance with the civic center charges published by the Ventura County Community College District.

5. Outdoor meetings and events.

a) Students and college personnel may gather at reasonable places and times on the campus consistent with the orderly conduct of college affairs and the free flow of traffic. Interference with entrances to buildings and college functions or activities, disturbance of offices, classes and study facilities and harm to property are prohibited.

b) The following contacts may approve the use of college facilities in other areas, if unusual circumstances require.

6. Tables

a) Student organization and groups cited may maintain a table in the quad areas.

b) Tables shall be staffed. The name of the sponsoring organization shall be displayed at each table.

c) Tables may be furnished by the Maintenance & Operations Department.  

d) Tables may be used to distribute and exhibit, free of charge, non-commercial announcements, statements, and materials and for fundraising. Distributing or soliciting by means of shouting or accosting individuals is prohibited.