Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

Program Purpose

The programs and services of the EAC are designed to support students with disabilities in the achievement of their academic and vocational goals while providing equal educational opportunity. EAC students increase their knowledge of available accommodations and services available to them, leading to an increase in independence, self advocacy and academic success.

Students at a table with giveaways

Ventura College provides support for all eligible students with disability related needs. The EAC facilitates equal access for qualified students to community college education through services, academic accommodations and specialized instruction.

Students with learning, visual, hearing, speech, mobility, and psychological disabilities, as well as acquired brain injury and other health impairments, are eligible to apply for the support services and accommodations that EAC provides.

These services may include:

  • one-stop priority registration assistance
  • specialized academic and career advisement
  • sign language interpreters
  • note taking assistance
  • readers
  • transcribers
  • mobility assistance
  • assessment of learning differences
  • disability-related counseling
  • alternative testing
  • print material in alternate format
  • assistive computer technology and
  • other assistive equipment.

Through the instructional side of the program, Learning Skill classes (LS) and EAC classes are offered for personal and scholastic development such as writing, reading, math, memory, and study strategies. These classes are offered to assist students needing additional basic skills preparation for college-level course work. Although designed for students with disabilities, these courses are available to all Ventura College students.

Students can also register for a variety of instructional classes in Assistive Computer Technology (ACT). The Assistive Technology Training Center (ATTC) is designed to teach all students with disabilities about the latest in computer access devices and instructional software. This may including speech synthesizers, screen enlargers, adapted keyboards, voice-input systems, text to speech software and adapted word processing programs. The ATTC is located on the first floor of the Learning Resources Center.

The EAC is located in the Administration Building. For more information call (805)289-6300; (805) 289-6015 (fax).