Earn an Associate in Science Degree for UC Transfer (AS-UCTP)

Earn an Associate in Science Degree for UC Transfer (AS-UCTP)

The Associate in Science for UC Transfer degree is intended to facilitate transfer and increase academic preparation for students as they prepare to transfer into either a Physics or Chemistry program at a UC campus. Along with the Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG), students completing this degree are guaranteed admission to the UC system, but not necessarily to a particular UC campus or major of their choice. Students should consult with a counselor for more information on university admission and transfer requirements, as these degrees may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular UC campus or to a college or university that is not part of the UC system.

To earn an Associate in Science for UC Transfer degree, students must:

  1. Complete major preparation units, as prescribed in this catalog and on the UCTP Template.
  2. Complete IGETC* courses in the following areas, as prescribed on the UCTP Template.
    1. Area 1A Freshman Composition (3 units)
    2. Area 1B Critical Thinking (3 units)
    3. Area 3 Arts and Humanities (3 units)
    4. Area 4 Social and Behavioral Science (3 units)
    5. Area 5B Biological Science (4 units)
    6. Area 6 Language other than English (0-4 units)
  3. Meet the specified requirements as stated in the Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG) for the available school.
  4. Obtain a cumulative minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 in the major.  Students that earn less than 3.5 GPA (UC transferable) still meet the associate degree graduation requirement but will not receive the guaranteed admission into a UC.
  5. Obtain a grade of “C” or better or “P” in all courses required in the major. Even though a "pass-no-pass" is allowed (Title 5 § 55063), it is highly recommended that students complete their major courses with a letter grade due to unit limitations on “P/NP” courses by the UC system.
  6. Complete requirements in residency. For students in the Ventura County Community College District, a minimum of 12 units must be completed in residence at the college granting the degree.   

*NOTE: This degree allows for the deferment of IGETC courses, including two courses in Area 3 (Arts and Humanities) and two courses in area 4 (Social Science). These deferred IGETC requirements are to be completed at the UC, after transfer.

AS-UCTP degrees available: