Student Services

Student Services

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Admissions and Records

The Admissions and Records Office performs a variety of functions and services that facilitate student access to the college from preadmission through the achievement of their educational and career goals. Admission functions include:

  • preadmission guidance
  • admission
  • residency determination and reclassification
  • registration and program adjustments.

Records functions include processing grades, transcripts, external transcript evaluations, applications for degrees, certificates and transfer certification, enrollment verifications and determination of eligibility for veteran’s benefits and intercollegiate athletics. The Admissions and Records Office is located in the Student Services Center. Call (805) 289-6457 or email for assistance.

Basic Needs Center

Bookstore and Campus Services Building – (805) 289-6583

Program Purpose

The Ventura College Basic Needs Center is committed to providing an educational environment that fosters compassion and respect, welcomes diversity, and supports students in various circumstances (including students experiencing housing and food insecurities).

To accomplish this, the college has created support programs and resources that assist our students in meeting their basic needs and promoting their academic success. The Basic Needs Center assists students with locating sufficient housing, CalFresh applications, food insecurities, accessing public transportation, and connecting students with local and community services. In accordance with AB1995, the Basic Needs Center also provides shower facilities and other campus resources for Ventura College homeless students.

As part of the Basic Needs Center, there is also a VC Food Pantry available for students. The goal of the VC Food Pantry is for students to utilize the on campus food pantry to help reduce stress about food insecurities, in turn helping students to achieve academic success. We strive to build awareness about food insecurity and conquer negative stigmas about visiting a pantry. For more information about Basic Needs services, hours of operation, or general questions, please visit the Basic Needs Center website, contact us by phone or email, or stop by the BCS Building for in-person assistance.

Campus Police Services

The VCCCD Police Department strives to promote a safe campus environment conducive to academic achievement through the cooperation of students, faculty, and staff. With your help in reporting suspicious activities or crimes, we are confident we can achieve this goal. We encourage the prompt reporting of any incident that threatens the safety, health, or rights of our campus community. The information contained in this report is made available to you in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, referred to as the Clery Act. This Act requires that all Title IV institutions prepare, publish, and distribute an annual security report which contains, among other information, three years of the institution's crime statistics and current security policies. The report is available for download or viewing electronically on the Ventura County Community College District website and in hard-copy format at any of the three campus police stations on the Moorpark, Oxnard and Ventura campuses. The crime report covers the Moorpark, Oxnard and Ventura campuses, the public property immediately adjacent/accessible to those campuses, as well as extending a mile around the campuses, and non-campus locations owned and/or controlled by the District. We remain committed to providing the highest levels of service and safety. On behalf of the District, Colleges, and our officers, thank you for helping to make our campuses safe. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Chief Kelli Florman's office at (805) 652-7752, Monday through Friday.

The Campus Police office is also the location for Lost & Found items.

To formally contest a parking citation, within 21 days of receiving the citation, the registered owner must go online to and submit an appeal. The Campus Police stations each have a kiosk where persons who received citations may use a dedicated computer to submit an appeal. For questions regarding citations, call or visit the Campus Police Station at the following:

  • Moorpark College Campus Police - Located in Parking Structure, on the second level; the supervisor’s hours are from Monday – Thursday, 7am – 5pm; phone number (805) 378-1455.
  • Oxnard College Campus Police – Located near G-lot, designated as 7 on campus map; supervisor’s hours are from 7am – 5pm Monday through Thursday; phone number (805) 678-5805.
  • Ventura College Campus Police – Located at 71 Day Road; supervisor’s hours are from 7am – 5pm Monday through Thursday; phone number (805) 289-6486.

Questions regarding the status of a citation may be directed to the Police Services Department in the Day Road Center, at 805-652-7752, or to Parking Citation Service Center at (800) 535-2421.

For emergencies, contact Campus Police or dial 911 from College phones. Detailed guidance on matters concerning student conduct and traffic regulations is provided in the appendices of this Catalog.

Career Center

Program Purpose

The Career Center supports students and alumni through comprehensive career services, preparing them for success in their life-long career journey. We empower students to develop the insights, skills, and capabilities needed to meet the needs of local industry at the same time pursuing personally meaningful careers. We strive to offer connections that are impactful not just as a Pirate today, but a Pirate for a lifetime.

Take advantage of our services!

  • Explore careers through assessments and 1:1 coaching
  • Build a resume and cover letter
  • Prepare and practice for interviews
  • Build a professional network with LinkedIn
  • Learn job search and networking techniques

*One on one appointments are available for all of the above services*

We also offer a variety of services such as weekly hybrid workshops, networking events, annual career fairs, and an online job board with a list of local career opportunities. Stop by the Career Center in the Student Services Center (SSC) for more information, or contact us at (805) 289-6473, or

Child Development Center (CDC)

The Orfalea Child Development Center, located at the corner of Telegraph Road and West Campus Way, supports VC students by providing high quality preschool and childcare services for their children ages 2 through pre-K.

Children thrive in a safe, loving and enriching environment. We believe that children learn by being actively involved in the learning process through exploration, discovery, experimentation and creativity. The Center is licensed by the California Department of Social Services. The facility license numbers are 561711563 and 561711564.

Fees are charged for this service; financial assistance may be available for students who qualify. To join the waiting list, the pre-registration form found on the center's website must be completed. Please call (805) 289-6030 for further information

Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

Program Purpose

The programs and services of the EAC are designed to support students with disabilities in the achievement of their academic and vocational goals while providing equal educational opportunity. EAC students increase their knowledge of available accommodations and services available to them, leading to an increase in independence, self advocacy and academic success.

Ventura College provides support for all eligible students with disability related needs. The EAC facilitates equal access for qualified students to community college education through services, academic accommodations and specialized instruction.

Students with learning, visual, hearing, speech, mobility, and psychological disabilities, as well as acquired brain injury and other health impairments, are eligible to apply for the support services and accommodations that EAC provides.

These services may include:

  • one-stop priority registration assistance
  • specialized academic and career advisement
  • sign language interpreters
  • note taking assistance
  • readers
  • transcribers
  • mobility assistance
  • assessment of learning differences
  • disability-related counseling
  • alternative testing
  • print material in alternate format
  • assistive computer technology and
  • other assistive equipment.

Through the instructional side of the program, Learning Skill classes (LS) and EAC classes are offered for personal and scholastic development such as writing, reading, math, memory, study strategies and adapted physical education. These classes are offered to assist students needing additional basic skills preparation for college-level course work. Although designed for students with disabilities, these courses are available to all Ventura College students.

Students can also register for a variety of instructional classes in Assistive Computer Technology (ACT). The Assistive Technology Training Center (ATTC) is designed to teach all students with disabilities about the latest in computer access devices and instructional software. This may including speech synthesizers, screen enlargers, adapted keyboards, voice-input systems, text to speech software and adapted word processing programs. The ATTC is located on the first floor of the Learning Resources Center.

The EAC is located in the Administration Building. For more information call (805)289-6300; (805) 289-6015 (fax).

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

Program Purpose

EOPS assists low income and educationally disadvantaged students with support services and financial assistance to successfully overcome obstacles to achieve their educational goals.

EOPS was established in the California Community College System in 1969. EOPS is renowned as the most successful California community college program. It provides programs and services over, above, and in addition to the regular educational programs of the College and is designed to assist educationally and economically disadvantaged students to be successful in their academic transfer and or vocational educational program at Ventura College.

EOPS values student success in achieving their goals on time and strengthening their voices as they transform their lives through their educational experience. EOPS aims to identify and address equity gaps to ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed.


Students must be eligible for a California College Promise Grant A or B; be a California resident, be enrolled full time (12 units); have completed less than 50 units of degree-applicable credit; and be determined to be educationally disadvantaged.

EOPS Offers a Range of Services 

  • Outreach, Orientation, and Registration Services: Entry services to identify EOPS eligible students and facilitate their enrollment in the College will be provided by special outreach, an active recruitment program. There is a required special college orientation. Early registration is also offered which allows the EOPS student to register early, and secure needed courses before campus-wide enrollment.
  • Assessments: EOPS-eligible students are assessed in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, computations, study skills, and academic skill deficiencies.
  • Counseling and Advisement: Specialized counseling is provided to all EOPS students. Personalized academic/personal counseling and the development of a student education plan is provided to all EOPS students through the EOPS counseling faculty. EOPS counselors meet regularly with EOPS students. Peer advisement is also available.
  • Special Services: A culturally proficient staff is available and can provide Spanish language assistance. EOPS strives to provide an environment that nurtures, engages, and reflects a diverse "family" of participants. By offering comprehensive support services that are academically and socially enriching, EOPS staff seek to advocate for and empower students to realize their potential.
  • Transfer: EOPS provides assistance and university transfer fee waivers to EOPS-eligible students with the transfer and transitional process to four-year institutions.
  • Financial Assistance: All students who are admitted under the program are considered for financial assistance on the basis of need and completion of the EOPS Student Mutual Responsibility Contract. EOPS Grants, graduation caps and gowns, food pantry assistance, emergency loans, book vouchers, and bus passes/tokens may also be available.
  • Tutoring: EOPS provides additional tutoring hours for EOPS students through the Tutoring Center.
  • Success Strategies: Study skills, time management, and retention and success strategies are offered through the EOPS Success Academy and other EOPS workshops.
  • Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) Program: CARE is a cooperative effort under the umbrella of EOPS involving the State Employment Development Department, State Department of Social Services, local county CalWORKS departments and the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. This program specifically targets CalWORKS students.
  • CARE Eligibility: EOPS eligible students that are CalWORKS recipients, at least 18 years old, and the single head of their household with child(ren).
  • Services: Additional financial assistance in the form of a CARE grant, special workshops, and non-CalWORKS duplicative services such as gas vouchers, book vouchers, meal tickets, minimal car repair, and parking permits may be available.

EOPS is located in the EOPS building. The phone number is (805) 289-6302.

Financial Aid Programs

Program Purpose

The Financial Aid Office assists students with completing and understanding the financial aid processes. We support student success in collaboration with other departments by providing financial literacy training, delivering financial aid in a timely manner, providing loan counseling, increasing awareness of financial aid, serving un-served and underserved student populations, as well as maintaining compliance with federal and state financial aid programs and regulations.

The Financial Aid Office administers a variety of federal and state financial aid programs to assist students with their educational costs at Ventura College. To be considered for these programs, a student should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (, or the California Dream Act Application (, or the California College Promise Grant application (found on the My VCCCD portal) for each academic year.

Note: There may be additional requirements for state aid programs. Please see Appendix IX for more information regarding the application filing requirements and priority filing deadlines for state aid.

Due to limitations in funding, the Financial Aid Office may not offer sufficient financial aid to cover the entire cost of education. For detailed information about Ventura College’s cost of attendance, please visit the Financial Aid page on the Ventura College website. Adhering to the priority filing deadlines and responding promptly to requests for additional information from the Financial Aid Office is a critical component to receiving financial aid. For additional information regarding the types of financial aid programs that Ventura College participates in, and for important policies that affect financial aid recipients, please refer to Appendix IX.

For the best sources of current financial aid information at Ventura College, please visit the Financial Aid Office page on the Ventura College website or visit the Financial Aid Office located in the Bookstore and Campus Services Building (BCS).

Housing Services

The College currently does not provide on-campus housing, nor does it operate any off-campus housing. Selection and securing of housing, financial arrangements, and supervision are the responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian. However, the Basic Needs Center may be able to assist students in their housing search.

For more information stop by the Basic Needs Center located in the BCS Building, visit the Basic Needs Center webpage, or call (805) 289-6583.

International Students Services

Program Purpose

The International Students office provides assistance and support to International Students to facilitate their successful integration into American college life. Students will demonstrate their knowledge about their International student status and will understand the Federal regulations for maintaining their visa status in good standing.

The International Student Office assists with the admission of new international students, as well as currently enrolled international students under F-1 Visa (Student Visa) from countries all around the world including: Australia, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden and many more. For any questions or further information, please contact the International Student Office at (805) 289-6182 or via email at

Military Veterans and Eligible Dependents, and Active Duty Students

AB272: Registration priority is granted to any member or former member of the Armed Forces of the U.S. for any academic term attended within four years of leaving active duty.

Veterans' Educational Benefits

The Colleges of the Ventura County Community College District offer courses approved for Veterans Affairs (V.A.) benefits under Chapters 30,31,32,33,35, and 1606 under Title 38 of the U.S. Code. Eligible dependents may qualify for the College Fee Waiver through CalVET and active duty students may qualify for military Tuition Assistance.

The colleges of the Ventura County Community College District are approved to process claims for students who are eligible to receive educational benefits under various chapters from the V.A. Students interested in using V.A. benefits or receiving information can contact the Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC) at (805) 289-6060 or the School Certifying Official (SCO) in Admissions and Records (A&R).

Students eligible for veteran’s services will have access to information about services available, their options and their responsibilities for using benefits.

All veterans and eligible dependents using benefits are required to see a counselor before enrolling. Students are encouraged to speak to the Veteran's academic counselor and SCO before making changes to their academic program or class schedule.

  • The Veteran's academic counselor is located in the Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC). They can be reached at (805) 289-6060.
  • The SCO is located in Admissions & Records (A&R). They can be reached at (805) 289-6457 or

Steps to be Certified for Benefits

The following steps must be completed in order to receive your benefits from V.A. These steps are also on our webpage.

  • Apply for admission at
  • Apply for your VA benefits online at
  • Submit your COE or Statement of Benefits and DD214 to your SCO.
  • Submit official transcripts from all other colleges and universities you have attended, including SMART/AARTS military transcripts, to your SCO.
  • Visit for instructions on sending official transcripts.
  • Important: Veterans who have attended other colleges must submit official transcripts to A&R to receive college credit for prior learning. An unofficial transcript can be used for the initial counseling appointment.
  • Meet with a Veteran's academic counselor and complete a comprehensive education plan.
  • Submit request for certification of education benefits every semester to your SCO.

Verification of Enrollment to Receive Post-9/11 Educational Assistance Benefits

Effective August 1, 2021, the Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020 (P.L.116-315) Section 1010 creates a dual certification for the receipt of Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits. The school will certify the student’s enrollment after the add-drop date, and then each month thereafter, the student would be required to electronically verify with VA their continued enrollment in that school. If a student fails to certify for two consecutive months, VA will withhold monthly housing allowance payments until the student certifies.

Enrollment and Rate of Pay

Only courses meeting requirements for the major and degree objective indicated on the veterans’ Educational Plan will be certified for payment. If the educational objective is changed, the student must complete a new Educational Plan. Veterans must request enrollment certification each semester they want to continue to receive benefits; it is not automatic for continuing students.

V.A. educational benefits are paid based on the number of certified units the student is enrolled in. Post-9/11 (CH. 33) students must take at least one in person course to be eligible for the maximum monthly housing payment. For more information visit our webpage.

Main Term (Fall/Spring Semester)

Requirement Unit
full-time pay 12
three-quarter time pay 9
one-half time pay (6.5 units or more for Post-9/11, Ch. 33 benefits) 6

Nonstandard Enrollment Term (Summer Session)

  • V.A. converts credit earned during nonstandard quarters or semesters to equivalent credit hours. V.A. makes the conversion, not schools.
  • Ventura College highly recommends students call the V.A. for exact pay information.

Payment amounts are calculated based on eligibility, chapter of benefits and units certified as determined by the V.A.

The majority of V.A. Educational Assistance Programs do not pay a monthly allowance for less than half-time enrollment, although the veteran may be reimbursed for the cost of tuition and fees.

Under existing V.A. regulations, classes that are successfully completed may not be certified again for V.A. purposes if they are repeated. However, if a student fails a class, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved in a particular class for successful completion, that class may be repeated and certified to V.A. again.

Unsatisfactory Progress

In addition to the academic probation and dismissal standards applicable to all students, the V.A. requires that standards of progress be adopted for certification of educational benefits.

For the purpose of certification for educational benefits, academic probation is defined as the failure to complete a minimum of 50% of the total units attempted, and/or to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Unsatisfactory progress occurs when a veteran has been placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters. Unsatisfactory progress must be reported to the V.A. and the veteran may not be certified for future educational benefits. Any veteran placed on unsatisfactory progress must consult academic counseling before educational benefits can be reinstated.

Additional Program Information

The California Department of Veteran Affairs (CalVET) can be reached directly at 1(800) 952-5626 or

The Department of Veterans Affairs can be reached at 1(888) 442-4551 or

Personal Counseling

Counselors understand that personal concerns sometimes interfere with learning, and that problems of a personal nature can affect many dimensions of a student’s life, including their educational and career goals. Students are encouraged to come to the Student Health Center where counseling interns can assist them with non-academic concerns including anxiety, depression, stress, family or relationship issues. Appointments are available in the Student Health Center by calling (805) 289-6346.

Scholarships and the Ventura College Foundation

Established in 1983, The Ventura College Foundation provides financial support to the students and the programs of Ventura College.

The Foundation’s signature programs include the VC Promise, scholarships, and textbook support through the Lending Library and Reserve Collection. Through this support, the Ventura College Foundation transforms students' lives through education by providing innovative and vital resources and financial support. The Foundation collaborates with Ventura College to enhance human potential, civic engagement, careers, and academic success of students enabling their effective impact and legacy on the college, local workforce, and our community.

For more information, including how to apply for these life-changing programs, please contact the Foundation Office by email at, by phone at 805-289-6461, or online at

STEM Harbor

STEM Harbor is a study area for students registered in any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) class. It is a quiet place for small group study sessions with discipline faculty available during their drop-in hours. STEM Harbor is in SCI-223. Faculty drop-in hours are variable and change with each semester.  Students in any STEM course are welcome. For more information, please see the STEM Harbor webpage.

Student Activities Office and Associated Students of Ventura College

Program Purpose:

The Student Activities Office is a central hub at Ventura College comprised of resources and collaborations that allow students to develop leadership and life skills that complement their academic growth. Through their participation in the Associated Students of Ventura College and various student organizations in the Inter Club Council, students will hone their skills in self-advocacy, personal accountability, participate in the college’s shared governance process, and most importantly foster a sense of community.

For more information, please see Student Activities and Government section of this catalog or call 805-289-6487 / Email:

Student Business Office (SBO)

The Student Business Office is responsible for collecting payments for student fees, childcare fees, and other financial obligations. The Student Business Office also helps to process refunds to students and assists with student fee waivers where applicable. Refund requests can be submitted online via the Student Business Office website with a Refund Request Form. In addition, scholarship tracking and processing, as well as student, classified, and faculty payroll is performed at this office.  

Any questions for the Student Business Office, please call 805-289-6488 or email

Student Health Center

Program Purpose

The Student Health Center provides actively enrolled students access to medical and mental health care while also promoting the overall health and wellness of the campus community to support academic success. 

Students pay a mandatory health fee which entitles them to free medical and mental health care visits and health education. Immunizations, medications, lab work, and procedures are also available at a low cost. Visits with a mental health therapist are provided under a short-term therapy model. We provide assistance with referrals to local community resources for chronic or severe medical or mental health care needs or for health care services we do not offer.

If an accident occurs on campus please fill out a student accident report and submit to the Student Health Center within 24 hours. The student accident insurance covers any accidents that occur on or off campus during Ventura College sponsored activities. For example, skateboarding accidents on campus are not covered.

Please visit our website for more information on our hours and services. The Student Health Center is located in CRC-108. Call (805) 289-6346 for an appointment or or if you have any questions.

Student Outreach

Program Purpose

The Student Outreach program facilitates enrollment at Ventura College by providing:

  • Pre-admissions information and assistance to all prospective students;
  • Access to and knowledge of campus resources;
  • Promotion of academic, career and student services to all prospective students and the community;
  • Coordination of on-campus and community outreach events;
  • Representation of the college at off-campus sites;
  • Integration of matriculation, public relations, student services, and career technical education to create a comprehensive student centered program;
  • Serves as the primary contact to local K-12 districts, community groups, and industry;
  • Active publicity, promotion of interest, increase knowledge of academic and vocational programs, and student support services at Ventura College.

The Outreach program is located in the Campus Center at Ventura College and the Student Outreach Specialist coordinates with school sites, industry partners, and community, and can be contacted at or (805) 289-6154.

Transportation to Campus

Transportation to and from campus is the student's responsibility.The College provides no bus services but works closely with Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) to provide students with safe and affordable transportation for students throughout the county. The VCCCD has also worked with VCTC to provide free bus services for students with a current Student Identification Card. Please see " Ventura College Student ID Card " for more information on how to obtain a Student Identification Card. VISTA bus service, (800) 438-1112, also provides bus transportation to Ventura and the surrounding communities with daily service to the College. These are the most affordable and hassle-free way to travel to and from the campus. For most current bus schedules, please visit

VC Dreamers Resource Center

Bookstore and Campus Services Building - (805) 289-6446

Ventura College welcomes all students, regardless of their immigration status, and is committed to fully supporting all students in their educational journey. The Dreamers Resource Center (DRC) provides assistance and support to undocumented students to facilitate their successful integration with college life. The DRC is here to provide undocumented students with additional information, resources, and support services.   We assist students with the admissions application, completion of the AB540 Affidavit, California Dream Act Application, academic counseling, mental health referrals, immigration services, and much more.  The center is facilitated by representatives from Financial Aid, Admissions & Records, VC East Campus, and Academic Counseling.  For more information, please visit the Dreamers webpage.

Veterans Resource Center

Program Purpose

The Ventura College Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is a safe and welcoming environment for Veterans, Active-Duty Military and eligible Military Dependents pursuing their educational dreams. Our staff provide an array of wrap-around supportive services to our Veteran and Dependent students. We can answer questions about VA benefits and guide students in the right direction for a multitude of programs on campus such as career services and student health services including group and individual therapy. We can also connect you with community organizations to support housing and transition to civilian life.

To assist with academic and financial planning, we have dedicated academic and financial aid professionals in the VRC who understand Veteran programs and Veteran and Dependent student needs. We provide several computer workstations for students to apply to college, register for classes and VA benefits, finish homework, print, or scan. We offer a welcoming space with a conference room with large presentation screen, restrooms and refrigerator.

The VRC is a great place to begin your college career, update your educational plan, relax between classes and to gather with fellow Veteran students. Stop by the Veterans Resource Center in the Campus Student Center, facing Telegraph Road, or contact us at 805-289-6060,, or visit the Veterans Resource Center page on the Ventura College website:

Welcome Center "The Compass"

Program Purpose

The Compass Welcome Center serves as a one-stop location to address questions about the application process and student service related questions.  Our friendly staff offers one-to-one assistance to prospective, new, and continuing students, providing computer-related support services to ensure a successful transition to and navigation throughout Ventura College.

The Compass specializes in assisting students with the following:

  • Completing the online admissions application
  • Understanding and completing the steps for enrollment, including orientation
  • Finding class schedules and course offerings
  • MyVCCCD student portal access, activation, setup, and troubleshooting, including one-time passcodes
  • General navigation of portal tools and services, including the Registration Planner
  • Answering general questions about Ventura College and providing information about programs, majors and student services
  • Walking tours of our beautiful campus

The Compass Welcome Center staff is available by email, over the phone, in person, through video chat, and with our 24-hour website chatbot. The center provides students computer access to complete the online application, onboarding, registration, and the MyVCCCD portal. Our dedicated staff welcome and provide ongoing support to students, ensuring they are connected to the resources and tools they need to be successful and achieve their educational goals at Ventura College.