General Counseling Information

General Counseling Information

Counseling Services

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Program Purpose

Counseling services assist students to identify and succeed in achieving their educational goals. Counselors work with students individually and in groups to enhance their academic success and enable them to navigate student support systems to ensure success.

The Counseling Office is open days and evenings. Counselors can assist you with academic, career, or personal counseling (as it relates to academic progress). Counselors can provide a variety of resources to help you achieve the greatest possible benefit from your college experience.

Each counselor is a specialist in several academic areas, and you may wish to see a counselor according to the major you declare. The Counseling Office can be a valuable resource in exploring the options or defining the requirements in a particular field of study. However, you are free to select any counselor you choose.

All counselors have the expertise to assist you with course selection, educational planning, and questions concerning requirements for majors, general education, graduation, or transfer to a four-year college or university. A counselor can answer your questions about a course or academic requirements, aid you in exploring your career plans or life goals, or help you with personal problems that may potentially affect your education. Counseling Offices are located in the Student Services Center. Call the Counseling Office at (805) 289-6448 for more information. Counseling is also available at the Ventura College East Campus in Santa Paula. Please call (805) 525-7136 for counseling hours at the Ventura College East Campus site.

To maximize your educational success, students are encouraged to meet with a counselor on a regular basis. The Student Success & Support Program (SSSP) is a process that enhances student access and sustains the efforts of students to be successful in their educational endeavors. The goals of SSSP are to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives.

As a result, SSSP will ensure that:

  • Newly matriculated students will complete an Abbreviated Educational plan prior to completing 15 credit units.
  • Once the student identifies their program of study, they will schedule an appointment with a counselor to create a Comprehensive Educational Plan that will detail the necessary courses to reach their academic goal.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to follow-up with a counselor to review and/or revise their Education Plan as needed to adapt to developing education and career goals.
  • Ample services are available to assist students in exploring career, transfer, and personal growth goals specific to their development.

Counseling Reception Desk

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Counseling Reception Desk is to serve as a first point of contact for students and visitors that are in need of academic counseling services.

The CRD serves all Ventura College students by scheduling (in-person, virtual, or phone) appointments and coordinating drop-by sessions with our Academic Counselors. New, continuing, and returning students are all welcome to discuss and create educational plans that align with Ventura College Career, Major and Communities (CMC).

For scheduling assistance, call (805) 289-6448