Student Health Center

Student Health Center

Student Health Center

Program Purpose: to provide medical and mental health services which support students in reaching their academic goals. We serve students from diverse backgrounds with respect to ethnicity, race, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexuality, and genders. We are committed to serving all of our students with respect and dignity. We are here to listen, support, educate and empower.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Indicate the physical/mental health services offered through the Student Health Center helped/will help them in reaching their educational goals.
  2. Indicate a willingness to make changes in their life to improve health and/or academic success based on health/wellness promotion activity.

Medical Services

Students may participate in illness assessment and treatment, sexual health exams/birth control and STD testing/treatment, health counseling, physicals for academic programs, immunizations, TB clearance and more. Most services are free, but a nominal fee may be required for lab work and medications. All services are confidential, and non-judgmental. Help is available for health problems resulting from drug use and other addictive behaviors.

Mental Health Counseling

We are here to assist students with any life issues, ongoing or emerging mental health conditions, and crisis intervention. Counseling is short-term and free of charge.

Medical Withdrawals

Students who are unable to attend class for a substantial length of time due to a severe illness or injury should contact the Student Health Center regarding their eligibility for medical excused withdrawal (EW). Verifiable documentation of circumstances will be required.

Optional Health Insurance

Optional Health Insurance and Optional Dental Insurance applications are accessible either on our website or at our Student Health Center location.

Campus-Related Accidents

College-related student accidents need to be reported within 72 hours of occurrence. It is the student’s responsibility to report the accident to an instructor, college staff, or directly to the Student Health Center. All student accident reports and insurance claims are processed through the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center will help students complete accident report, insurance claims, and will answer any questions.

Appointments preferred, call (805) 378-1413 or visit us in the Administration Building, room A-111. Learn more about us at