California State University Guarantee for AA-T and AS-T

California State University Guarantee for AA-T and AS-T

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California State University Guarantee for AA-T and AS-T

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) are degrees that are designed specifically for transfer to the California State University system.

The degrees are the results of Senate Bill 1440 and 440 (codified in Education Code 66745-66749) known as the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR Act), a transfer bill that required the California Community Colleges to offer Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) in many of the most popular majors, and for the California State University (CSU) to provide priority admission to California Community College (CCC) students who have earned an AA-T or AS-T. These degrees can be completed in 60 CSU transferable semester units (or 90 quarter units) and include coursework in general education, major preparation and electives (if needed).

Students who have completed an AA-T or AS-T and are admitted to a CSU major that has been deemed similar are guaranteed admission at junior standing, and the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree with 60 additional semester (or 90 quarter) units. AA-T and AS-T degrees are recognized by both the California Community College and CSU systems as a measure of preparation and readiness for transfer to upper division course work at a California State University college.

Below is the list of Ventura College Associate Degrees for Transfer. To find out which CSU campuses accept each degree, go to Associate Degree for Transfer Major and Campus Search.

Students are encouraged to meet with a college counselor to review their options for transfer and to develop an educational plan that best meets their goals and needs. Program requirements are subject to change. See a college counselor.

Additional majors are being developed. Please see a college counselor for more information. For more information on “A Degree with a Guarantee,” go to

Reference: AP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates; last reviewed by the VCCCD Board of Trustees in December 2022.

At the time of catalog publication, Ventura College offers Associate Degrees for Transfer in the following 30 majors:

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)

 Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)